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For a third time in its short history, we are changing the Afrowave news website. After long thinking, I have decided to completely remove old page and create new one.

Old page was a bit negative, there was much more bitter news than good ones, often biased or not from reliable sources. Word “news” was a bit too proud for old site. Who wants to read what is wrong, can see it everywhere. We of course will keep addressing painful issues, but our major concern will be directed to success – what has been done well and what makes Africa better place for Africans to live, because in Afrowave we believe that together we can  make Africa better.

During recent past I found out how few Africans is proud on their nation. Politic is blamed. Bad leaders are being blamed. But pride must go from heart – and even with worst leaders, each country has something beautiful to be proud about – and Africa has huge load of such as things.

Involve yourself – we will do politic without politic. On our site we will try to avoid any political games. Make news page less politic and more human. Because no one is concerned too much who is in charge, like how is a life for him and his family.

On internet websites, in newspaper and recently also on Social media platforms we can see a bit too much of violence, hatred and aggression. It makes one feeling really bad and like if it was not worthy to live in such as world. It decreases quality of the life.

If you are from any African country and want to share something good – something what you are proud about, contact us please. use email 

We really hope that Afrowave news will be Good news portal. When you will want to see something positive, see something what was achieved or improved, we will do our best to provide you such as news.

I would love to thank you humbly for staying with us. Don’t hesitate to write us, how you want our site to be for you.

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